It may not have been all that long ago that David Minton was himself a new graduate of Gadsden City High School, but he offers some words of wisdom to which people of all ages can take heed: “Embrace lifelong learning, discover your passions, and build strong relationships. Develop critical thinking skills, don’t fear failure, and set realistic goals. Stay curious, take care of your well-being, and be open to opportunities. Remember to celebrate your achievements along the way.” David lives by these words, and they are serving him well. He graduated from Birmingham-Southern College, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics, all while playing college baseball. His job as a software developer has taken him to Huntsville, where he also runs the intern program for his employer. In his career, he aspires to hold a position where he can empower and guide individuals toward living a life of significance.

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If you know a successful Gadsden City alumnus who is thriving somewhere around the world, we would love to include them in the Our Titan Family is Going Places campaign.

They can upload a short video (less than two minutes) and a photo here. The video should be an introduction of themselves, a synopsis of what they do in their career, and the coolest work-related experience they’ve had so far.

Make sure the video is between :30 and 2 minutes. The photo should be of just them with a background that reflects what they are doing in their career. They should be sure to use their name (first and last) as the file name for the photo and the video.
Along with the photo and video, they’ll need to complete the short survey here.