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is Going Places

Around town, all over Alabama, across the country, and around the world, members of Our Titan Family are going places. We’re showcasing a small sample here to share what some of our amazing alumni have been up to since their days at Gadsden City High School. While these are the stories of some impressive individuals who are soaring to success, chances are you know plenty of others who are also doing great things.
Whether it is in their academic endeavors, their trade, their professional career, or in their community, Titans are succeeding, achieving, and making Our Titan Family proud.
Harsh Sinha, 2015

Currently residing in San Francisco, Harsh Sinha has seen and done a lot in the years since he graduated from Gadsden City High School. He went to Harvard where he studied statistics and data science, graduating in 2020. While at Harvard, he became the youngest person in the world to visit all 50 U.S. states and 100 countries. Professionally, he worked at Facebook where he was the lead data scientist for Meta’s first pair of smart glasses, the Ray-Ban Stories. Working from the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, he also helped build the AI voice assistant for the glasses, along with the Quest 3 Virtual Reality headset. Harsh’s career aspiration is to create something in his work that will still matter 100 years from now.

Alethia Russell, 2011

Alethia Russell knows about education. After graduating from Gadsden City, she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Auburn University and a master’s degree in higher education administration from the University of Alabama. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in higher education/education policy studies at Indiana University Bloomington. When she completes her own education, Alethia plans to head to Washington, D.C. to conduct education policy research and advocacy for a non-profit or an education thinktank. Her goal is to be a part of creating a space where future generations can pursue being lifelong learners without accruing a lifetime of debt.

James Kelley, 2010

Being a proud member of the first class to go through all four years of high school at Gadsden City might have been one of the things that sparked James Kelley’s passion for blazing new trails. James earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in marketing from the University of Alabama and is currently pursuing his MBA there as well. James has filled his summers with seven trips to North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe leading exploration travel trips. Always up for an adventure and a challenge, James has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and worked for Lululemon and as a personal trainer in a boxing gym. His ultimate goal is to help others realize life is about experiences and connections, and the importance of making the most of every minute.

Laura Minton Garton, 2016

Laura Minton Garton loves to learn. That is a good thing because after spending the eight years since she graduated from Gadsden City High School pursuing her education, she is in her fourth and final year of medical school. She graduated from Auburn in 2020 and will receive her medical degree from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in the spring of 2024. After that, Doctor Laura Minton Garton will go on to complete a strenuous residency training program in her chosen field of diagnostic radiology. While she doesn’t know yet where her residency might take her geographically, she does know that in her career as a breast radiologist she wants to be a trailblazer in women’s health imaging globally.

Chris Underwood, 2023

Chris Underwood is a 19-year-old freshman living in a dorm at Auburn University. What is unique about Chris is that he is also a part of the EAGLES program, which provides a post-secondary education for students with intellectual disabilities to engage in a college campus experience. Similar to Gadsden City Schools’ Beautiful Rainbow vocational program that Chris was involved with and excelled at during his high school years, the EAGLES program helps students achieve their employment and independent living goals. With his drive, determination and work ethic, achieving goals is a familiar concept for Chris. After an extensive interview process, Chris was one of only eight students admitted to the Eagles Program from an applicant pool of 90 students from across the country. Chris plans to take classes in Auburn University’s Culinary Science program and wants to be a chef.

Fernanda Herrera Spieler, 2013

As an equal justice fellow with the Louisiana-based Resilience Force, Fernanda Herrera Spieler is battling climate disasters, racial injustice, and economic inequity. Resilience Force represents the growing number of immigrant workers who follow climate disasters around the country to rebuild devastated communities. Fernanda spends her time helping migrant workers navigate the difficult legal system. One such case she recalls is helping a client secure a protective order against his violent employer. Fernanda earned her bachelor’s degree in international law from Samford University and a juris doctorate from the Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She plans to work as a full-time immigration attorney when her fellowship ends.

Chelsea James Amerson, 2012

Dr. Chelsea Amerson has been hard at work in the 12-plus years since she was a student-athlete at Gadsden City High School. She went to Xavier University of Louisiana, the nation’s only historically black Roman Catholic institution of higher education, where she continued her academic and athletic journeys. Chelsea won three consecutive NAIA conference championships as a sprinter during her undergraduate years, and she graduated with her doctor of pharmacy in 2018. She is now employed in Gadsden as Pharmacist in Charge at Quality of Life Health Services, Inc.’s Roberta Watts Medical Center Pharmacy. Not one to shy away from hard work, Chelsea advises GCHS students never to miss an opportunity to learn from anyone. “Work hard and treat everyone with respect. Continue to advance in your profession and stay current with new developments; never be stagnant in learning more about your career.”

Linton Roberts, 2019

Linton Roberts is going places. Barely in his mid-twenties, he’s already been on the move. Soon to graduate from Yale University, Linton, who was president of the Student Government Association at Gadsden City High School, is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology. He took a gap year during the COVID-19 pandemic to work with a tech company based in Atlanta. Linton credits some of his success to the vital interpersonal skills fostered during his time at Gadsden City. Upon graduation, he plans to start a career as an oil and gas commodities trader. Driven by innovation, Linton is passionate about leveraging technology to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Nitin Nagarajan, 2023

How is it possible that a 2023 GCHS graduate is already becoming a professional success? If you are Nitin Nagarajan, you do so by attending one of the highest rated biomedical engineering schools in the country, Duke University. As a freshman, Nitin is participating in brain cancer research through his work in Duke’s prestigious Ostrom Lab. He also studies viral disease in Duke’s Tomaras Lab. In less than a year from his days on the Gadsden City tennis courts, Nitin is well on his way to his dream career of developing new biomedical technologies. He encourages current GCHS students to reach out to teachers, counselors, fellow students, alumni, and people in the community, because it is surprising how willing and happy most people are to help you.

Casey Rickles, 2020

4,426 miles – that’s how far Casey Rickles’ current residence is from her hometown of Gadsden. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in political science from Auburn University, Casey was accepted into the renowned Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences PO) where she is currently studying human rights and humanitarian action (gender studies and Latin America). In the fall of 2022, Casey took a semester off from Auburn to work for the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York City. While there, she served as the assistant to the U.S. Ambassador to the UN’s Economic and Social Council. As if her studies at Sciences PO didn’t keep her busy enough, Casey serves as the chief of staff for Code to Inspire, a nonprofit organization that empowers Afghan women and girls through technological education.

Britton Reynolds, 2014

When people say the sky is the limit, Britton Reynolds might beg to differ. As an aerospace engineer living and working in Huntsville, some of the projects he has worked on so far include exploration missions to Mars, the moon, and beyond. With a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Alabama and a master’s degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue, Britton is employed by Aerojet Rocketdyne. He has traveled all over the country presenting on many of the projects with which he has been involved. From his days as a baseball player at Gadsden City to his current role as a mission architecture engineer, Britton says finding something you are passionate about is the key to success.

David Green, 2007

From the Titan Band to touring the world, David Green is known in the music industry for his solid timing, intense musicality, and high energy. Now a full-time drummer with American blues artist Jeff Jensen, David is traveling the world sharing his passion for music. His adventurous musical excursions take him to more than a dozen countries and 30 states each year. David’s goal is to continue to progress in his musical journey and spread as much joy as possible. His advice for future Gadsden City graduates is “You get one life. Live it for you!”

Haley Troup, 2017

Considered one of the greatest Mizzou Tigers women’s basketball players of all times, Haley Troup left an indelible mark on the court and in the record books. Haley played 6 years at the division 1 school earning big SEC wins over the likes of Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Texas A&M, and Mississippi State. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Missouri where she served on the SEC Community Service Team and the SEC Leadership Council. Today, she is working as a graduate assistant with the Mizzou women’s basketball program and pursuing a career as a basketball coach on the college level.

Kamaria DeRamus, 2014

Kamaria DeRamus is a software engineer at The College Board, a non-profit organization that connects students to college success. If you’ve ever heard of or taken the ACT, then you are acquainted with The College Board. In her job, Kamaria works on the website students use to submit requests for special accommodations during the test like extra time, a scribe or human reader, extended breaks or even a snack. While this is intriguing and important work, Kamaria’s path to her current position has been equally interesting. After graduating from Gadsden City, she attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where she double majored in media arts and sciences and Africana studies. Kamaria’s career aspiration is to become a computer architect making the decisions regarding how applications are built.

Patrick Welch, 2008

After graduating from Gadsden City High School, Patrick Welch earned his bachelor’s degree in urban environmental studies from Birmingham-Southern College and his master’s in city and regional planning from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He then spent two years living in Nicaragua where he trained teachers and government officials in climate change adaptation and community-led project development. He now works as a climate policy analyst for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Boston. Patrick’s job involves working to make cities around the world more equitable and resilient in the face of climate change. One piece of advice he would offer to upcoming high school graduates is to learn a foreign language. Patrick says a foreign language can open many doors professionally and personally.

Michael Byers, 2014

With his feet on the ground and his vision in the sky, Michael Byers is an innovator and fashion designer based in Minneapolis. His recent shows at the Mall of America, W-Foshay Towers, and Jaguar/Land Rover of Minneapolis feature painters, models, and artists of all types. He has worked directly with the Prince Rogers Nelson Legacy Team to help forward the legacy of Prince, the artist. As his career continues to flourish, he plans to establish a foundational space for local small businesses to build, scale, and expand their creative ventures.

Savannah Miles, 2014

Savannah Miles wears many hats. She recently competed on season 13 of the nationally televised cooking show MasterChef, where she finished in the top six. She is currently attending the University of Alabama School of Law. She plans to become a plaintiff’s attorney fighting for the rights of hardworking Alabamians. After graduating from Gadsden City High School, she attended Harvard University earning a bachelor’s degree in social studies with a focus on race and class in the rural South. She then made her way home to Gadsden where she served as the executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Gadsden/Etowah before launching her organic farm, In the Pines Produce, and a farm-to-table catering business. Sure, life is busy for Savannah, but that’s just the way she likes it.

Anderson Roberts, 2022

How is it possible to be 20 years old and already looking at the possibility of having your work published in an upcoming issue of National Geographic? All it takes, based on the experience of Anderson Roberts, is seizing the opportunity to co-author a research paper with a renowned professor studying 3.8-million-year-old unfossilized Pliocene wood from the Arctic. The importance of the research lies in how it aids in understanding how plant species have adapted to changing climates. Obviously, to reach this level of success took a lot of hard work and some smart decisions. Another such decision Anderson made was attending Yale University and majoring in ethics, politics, and economics. Anderson plans to pursue a career in international commodities trading.

Summer Rice, 2019

Many Gadsden City alumni are finding success right here in Etowah County where they live, work, and contribute to our community. Summer Rice is one of those people. Summer started her business, Esziart, as a senior at Gadsden City High School. Her journey as an artist and an entrepreneur has afforded her some amazing opportunities. She paints murals, teaches art classes, leads paint parties, does face painting and body art, and has started a graphic design business. Additionally, Gadsden City Schools is fortunate to employ Summer as a preschool and kindergarten aide where she enjoys nurturing young minds and sharing her love of learning with her students.

David Minton, 2017

It may not have been all that long ago that David Minton was himself a new graduate of Gadsden City High School, but he offers some words of wisdom to which people of all ages can take heed: “Embrace lifelong learning, discover your passions, and build strong relationships. Develop critical thinking skills, don’t fear failure, and set realistic goals. Stay curious, take care of your well-being, and be open to opportunities. Remember to celebrate your achievements along the way.” David lives by these words, and they are serving him well. He graduated from Birmingham-Southern College, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics, all while playing college baseball. His job as a software developer has taken him to Huntsville, where he also runs the intern program for his employer. In his career, he aspires to hold a position where he can empower and guide individuals toward living a life of significance.

Kalup Deering, 2020

After taking career technical classes at Gadsden City, Kalup Deering’s interest in the field that would soon become his career was sparked. He went on to pursue his studies at Gadsden State and is currently an industrial commercial refrigeration/HVAC technician. In his career, Kalup enjoys traveling the world, meeting people from different backgrounds, and evaluating different equipment designs for specific areas and locations. He wants to one day own and operate his own international contracting company, and his advice to current students is: “Consider taking a different route. Find something you enjoy and run with it.”

Kendall Gulledge Reynolds, 2014

Kendall Gulledge Reynolds was born to be an educator, and that’s just the path she’s chosen since graduating from Gadsden City High School. As the daughter of Joel Gulledge, principal of GCHS, Kendall hopes to follow in her dad’s footsteps by becoming a principal herself one day. She is well on her way after having earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in elementary education and her Post-Master’s Certification in Instructional Leadership. Kendall currently teaches third grade at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Huntsville. She received National Board Certification in 2022, an accomplishment achieved by less than 8% of Alabama teachers, and one that earned her a trip to the governor’s mansion in Montgomery where her accomplishment was recognized. In her career, Kendall’s wants to inspire all students to believe in themselves and develop a love for learning.

Ashley James, 2016

Ashley James isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. When asked what advice she would give to upcoming Gadsden City graduates, she offers these words: “Do not box yourself in to what you think is possible. The possibilities are endless. And they are far and wide.” Ashley has held strong to this mindset as she pursued her education and the beginning phase of her career. She attended the University of Alabama where she majored in electrical engineering and minored in mathematics. After a stint with Alabama Power, she now works for Burns & McDonnell, an engineering consulting firm. She started in her company’s Fort Worth, TX office and recently relocated to their Atlanta office, tasked with bringing the firm’s anchor client to the Southeast and expanding her firm’s growth within their company. Ashley specializes in transmission and distribution practices.

Molly Arnett, 2012

After graduating from GCHS, Molly attended Auburn University where she graduated in 2016 with her bachelor’s degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Molly then made the decision to pursue her true passion – cooking, and she enrolled in culinary school. She didn’t enroll in just any culinary school, though. She moved to New York City to enroll in the Culinary Institute of Education, the #1 ranked culinary school in America. After graduating as a chef, life took Molly to Santa Rosa Beach, FL where she is currently a private chef. She enjoys living in such a beautiful tourist destination and also getting to travel to many places to share her talent with a wide variety of clients. In February of 2023, Molly was featured on an episode of the show Chopped on the Food Network and finished as runner up.

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